MacBook Air

macbook air


What do I think? Well I’m very pleased that the new product isn’t a tablet – I really couldn’t see a market for a larger iPhone type device, and I wouldn’t want one. I was of course hoping for smaller 11.1″ form factor, but it is incredibly thin and much more desirable than the standard plastic-shelled MacBook. So I’ll have a decision to make later in the year (or maybe next year): do I go “Air” or “Pro”? Powerful or sexy?

One of the key features on the new notebook is the ability to network with other machines, wirelessly, to “borrow” their optical drive. An external optional USB-powered DVD drive is available for the MacBook Air, but the machine does not have one internally (rather like smaller Asus models). There is also a very expensive version (£2,028.00 VAT inc.) with a 64GB solid state drive, which should make booting up phenomenally quick. The standard version retails at £1,199.00 VAT inc. with a 80GB HDD (you can have the SSD version’s quicker processor as a £190 upgrade).

Also extra is an ethernet adapter – the Air has no room for fat cables (but this rather puts pressure on the machine’s one USB port – is that really just one? You’ll have to have a splitter in your bag).

As has been speculated across the net, the Air has a multi-touch trackpad, which allows iPhone-like pinching and scrolling. Only a play at your local Apple Store will prove how good it is. A la the MacBook Pro, the Air sports a fancy backlit keyboard.

These is no doubt it’s a pricey piece of kit. You can get a more powerful Windows laptop for half the price, but do they look this sexy? And will they look turn heads thousands of feet above the Atlantic. The answer to both these questions is no. Hell no.


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