Been Shopping

Sorry for the lack of posts, been hellishly busy the last few days.

Indeed today we went shopping in Nottingham for Olja’s birthday. Still no Mac Air to slobber over in the *very good* indi Mac store. Of course I’ll never buy a Mac Air – too expensive for what is little more than a bog-standard laptop. But then, I haven’t seen one in the “flesh”.

I decided against a new keyboard (been thinking about one for a while). I have enough options at home (various Logitechs, Microsoft, and a last-gen Apple one), and I do love typing on my iBook. Been swooning over a Nokia N95 8GB too. It offers much more than the iPhone. Okay, the browser and music player won’t be as cool, but that 5MP camera and video options suit the guerilla journo in me. Plus, as I only really listen to podcasts on my iPod, the N95’s podcatcher software will mean a lighter bag/pockets.

Readers of my twitter feed will be aware that my BlackBerry is playing up. The “Backup” and scroll-ball button are not working correctly, so I’m back using an ancient Nokia business phone I had when I worked in finance. I *need* a new phone anyway.

BTW. Just ordered Half Life Orange Box for the XBOX 360. I have already completed HL2 on Windows, but I have never played Episode one or two, and the inclusion of Portal and Team Fortress 2 means it’s a bargain I can’t miss (also the 360 and the Wii are my exclusive gaming platforms now). I just hope I don’t miss the keyboard/mouse too much.


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