More on Microsoft, Yahoo! and Google

Commentary from the tech world.

A couple of articles related to my post yesterday on Microsoft’s multi-billion dollar bid for Yahoo!.

Dave Winer – Should Yahoo accept Microsoft’s offer?:

Now, as a member of Yahoo’s developer community, and generally a respector of Yahoo (is that a word) — I say take the deal. I don’t think Yahoo has ever had leadership that has been up to navigating the treacherous waters of tech industry economics and politics. At least with the Microsoft acquisition they would get one — Ray Ozzie. He’s a guy you can sit across the table from and plot something out and he can deliver. I’ve had many good meetings with Yahoo people, but rarely have they resulted in action. From my own selfish point of view, Microsoft owning Yahoo might mean that Ray makes more trips to the Bay Area (figuratively) and when he sits down, we can talk about new open interfaces and developer programs for Yahoo properties.

Robert Scoble – What you all are missing about Google:

Every month longer that this deal takes is tens of millions in Google’s pockets. Why? Well, the real race today isn’t for search. Isn’t for email. Isn’t for IM. It’s for ownership of your mobile phone. I met the guy who runs China’s telecom last week in Davos. He’s seeing six million new people get a cell phone in China every month. So, every month that Microsoft and Yahoo will be stuck in some courtroom arguing out why this is a good deal means money in the bank for Google as they close mobile phone deal after mobile phone deal.


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