Super Mario Galaxy and the Nintendo Difference

Full review to follow…

This is absolute platform perfection.

Just watching the eldest play through Super Mario Galaxy… the sheer level of creativity is absolutely astonishing.

The Nintendo difference is clear, as I outlined in this essay back in January of last year: –

There is something about Nintendo

I was reading gaming bible Edge magazine this month. Legendary programmer Jeff Minter was banging on about the new generation of games consoles, and mentioned something about some of his non-gaming friends enquiring about the then-upcoming games console, the Nintendo Wii. In passing he also mentioned that they both owned a Nintendo DS handheld console each, as if somehow the assumed ubiquity of Nintendo’s latest portable device meant that it doesn’t bestow the title of ‘gamer’ upon its owners.


One thought on “Super Mario Galaxy and the Nintendo Difference

  1. There’s something very special about Nintendo and the sheer passion and imagination that goes into games like Mario, Zelda etc. Am currently playing the awesome Zack and Wiki on the Wii and, although it’s made by Capcom, it still has that wonderful Nintendo-ness about it. Nintendo just generates the kind of brand-love (like Apple) that the other consoles just don’t have.

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