The 360 doesn’t need Blu-Ray

Blu-Ray on 360? Nah.

I can’t see the sense behind rumours that Microsoft is planning a Blu-Ray player for the XBOX 360. The XBOX is a games machine – if people are going to pay for an extra add-on drive, why not buy a stand-alone player as prices tumble (marginal costs etc.)?

Also, the 360 is too far into its life-cycle to be developing a major new hardware add-on. However, if MS is still planning an ultimate version of the 360 – i.e. much better than the let-down that was the Elite – then maybe they could have a point. The 360 is still crying out for integrated Wi-Fi, a cooler more reliable build, and possibly a redesign (component-look in glossy black). A pointless stand-alone add-on would be just that: pointless.

Finally, if Microsoft are serious about their downloadable HD films, why piss about with another traditional storage medium which may take customers away from their premium service? I won’t say it won’t happen, after all Microsoft aren’t adverse to bad decisions.


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