Powerbook Problems

I’m having problems with my PowerBook. It’s the latest version prior to the MacBook launch.

Powerbook G4 15″ 1.67Ghz
512mb RAM

It was left unplugged and the battery ran dry. It’s gone into a coma. It won’t start or make a noise, just sits there – no whirring or anything. The battery light blinks green quickly (one LED).

I have tried all the reset instructions from the Apple site. Battery out – unplugged – hold power for 5 secs. And nothing. I have looked everywhere for a reset button, but I don’t think the latest model has one (i.e above instructions). It’s the Mrs’ laptop so I have to sort this! Can’t even the get the intro to boot to do a PRAM reset.



6 thoughts on “Powerbook Problems

  1. This happened to me. Turns out those PowerBooks won’t do ANYTHING if they run out of juice. The solution in my case was this. Make sure the battery is plugged in and then plug the power adapter in and leave it for at least a few hours. Then.. start it, it’ll whir for a few minutes, then bingo, it’s back.Letting the battery die out on a PB seems to put the whole thing into some weird sort of “coma” where even unplugging the battery and using the power cord ONLY doesn’t seem to fix things. The battery HAS to be in and HAS to have a good charge. I imagine this might be something to do with a firmware rewrite that occurs in critical power situations or something..In any case, I had the same thing and got it working again (after some panic) so you might just be in the same situation. Mine was exactly the same model too (well, 17″ but basically the same).

  2. It could well be either a knackered battery (can come on quite quickly once they’re a certain age) if it can’t charge at all (if you have another PowerBook, plug it into that, then run CoconutBattery or something similar to see its capacity) .. OR it could be a problem with the circuitry that actually charges the battery (also not unheard of.)

  3. Howdy, AaronI’ve got a G4 867MHz/1GB/40GB DVI TiBook that just…… up n’ died on me one evening.Nothin’ worked….. Not with the original battery, backup battery, AC adapter, nothin’.No lights, no nothing. It became a doorstop.So, I did some investigating, and came to the eduguess that what’s called the “DC-In Board” had gone belly up. What evidence I had plus what I could interpolate from other little things lead me overall to believe that that little board had fried.So I got myself a T6 & T8 Torx (star-shaped) screwdriver bits so’s I could take the PB apart (T8 for the case bottom & T6 for the 2 screws holding down the DC-In Board). (Instead of 2 Torx specialty screwdrivers, I instead got the little shortie hex-shaped bits that fit into ordinary magnetic hex-holed screwdrivers. ACE Hardware, $1.49 or so each.) Then I went on eBay & I tried getting a couple of the DC-In Board for $4-$5 bucks using Hammersnipe, but twice I got outsniped with 10-15 seconds left in the auctions. So…. I got one using Buy It Now. Not much different in price, overall. $9.99 + $5.00 shipping. $15 total. Not bad at all. This is the actual auction:http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=150222069654&ssPageName=STRK:MEWN:IT&ih=005And this bugger is TINY. Must weigh in at no more than an ounce or so.So now I’m set (I just did it last night, 3/13/08, as a matter of fact.)But frankly, even though I was all set for surgery, I was kinda sweatin’ it.Mostly ’cause I bought the DC-In board on speculation, thinking that that waswhat was wrong without actually taking the PB apart & lookin around, testing, etc.And…. I wasn’t happy with the prospect that after having gotten the replacement board in, that it may STILL not work.But…..I followed the steps carefully & when done, tested it out before putting it all completely back together, and……VOILA!! I heard that *WUNNERFUL * Mac startup sound again……. :=>Try it out….It’s not all that tough. MUCH easier & problem-free than I thought it might haveotherwise been.If you’d like to try it out or are strongly considering doing this, drop me an enote @ my email address & I’ll send you a bunch of PDF’s with pics & steps, & some big pics I made on my own.ifixit.com is a good place to go to, BTW……Kevin Kendallkevinwkendall_AAATTT_yahoo.com

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