In the Apple Store, London

In London for a group blog meet-up.

Just spent the last hour or so in the Apple Store in Regents Street playing with the gizmos. Luckily Apple provides free WiFi, not-to-mention plugs in the floor to power your laptop. And if you don’t have your Mac? That’s cool. They have loads of connected MacBooks, Airs, MacBook Pros, and iMacs to play with.

I feel a little bit last gen with my 12” G4 iBook. Then again, surely this just makes me hardcore? Yeah, hardcore – that’s much better.

There is of course loads of stuff I want. But I bought a new tripod for my DSLR and a LaCie 500GB desktop HDD yesterday, so I really need to watch the pennies. Love to hammer the VISA and pick up a new MacBook Pro, though. Mind you, there is supposed to some new guts to go with the recently launched 45nm “Penryn” CPUs that will be included in the next version, which is expected to boost performance significantly.

By the way; I took the comatosed Powerbook into the menders yesterday, and they confirmed that – probably – the power-management system is screwed. It has been sent away. The Mrs., whose Mac it is, also spotted the MacBook Air and was sold – INSTANTLY. It took all her self-discipline not to get one there and then, which would have great, as I could have used this as leverage for the new MacBook Pro. Never mind, I’ll get her a little present today.

Right, off to get some coffee. My iBook is almost charged and I want to go to Tottenham Court Road for some gadget p0rn.


6 thoughts on “In the Apple Store, London

  1. Hi Dave,Yeah, it was a Macish day. The current stuff is excellent. Expensive, as always, but really excellent.However, been reading Computer Shopper, and some of the power/pound ratios available for Windows (i.e. Linux eventually) are rocking. Graphics cards and RAM are so cheap right now.

  2. Computer Shopper: Yeah, you’re right. Will has acquired a lovely solid ali computer case for nothing (just several hours cleaning the nicotine stains off) and has ordered all the bits to rebuild it to a very decent spec. Total about £180 or so. That includes a big old Trinitron CRT monitor (which produces far better results than his modern flat screen one) bought for just £12.

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