Bro-in-law’s XBOX dies

And so it happened. My brother-in-law’s XBOX 360 died a horrible and painful death.

And no, it wasn’t The Red Ring of Death. His DVD-drive whirred loudly, began crunching, and gave up the ghost. He called to get it repaired (it was less than 1-year old), and was told it would be weeks… and weeks. 6-8, probably. Apparently, the problem is the second most recurring fault with the – notoriously shoddy – 360.

As Michael Heilemann explains, in some depth, contacting Microsoft for a warranty repair can be a deeply painful and distressing experience. Matt, my bro-in-law, recieved similar treatment. I explained to him the realities of the supply chain, and service costings – how repairs and shipping must be a huge drain on the system’s profitability. He said, quite frankly, that he didn’t give a fuck – he’d paid top-dollar for his 360 and he expected to get it repaired and shipped back to him ASAP (or at least a loaner to be despatched on receipt).

This, of course, isn’t going to happen. Matt had suffered the same ball-breaking trauma that so animated Heilemann, and in the end decided to replace his 360 with a new one, and flog the knackered one on eBay, upon its return. I guess you could say he’s playing into Microsoft’s hands, but I wonder if he’ll buy another rushed out, historically unreliable Microsoft product again?


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