Problems with my dongle

No, not that dongle (jeeesh, you people).

A couple of weeks ago the kindly folk at 3mobileBuzz sent me a 3 HDSPA modem dongle, which uses the 3 cellular network to access the internet at 3.6Mbps. It’s pretty quick, and when running at full speed with a good connection, it’s certainly faster access than you’ll get sharing Wi-Fi with fellow coffee fiends in any cafĂ©, and even quicker than the average home broadband connection.

Anyway, upon excitedly unwrapping my dongle I found that even though the instructions were idiot-proof and all the software was auto-installed from the device itself, I couldn’t connect from my iBook.

I tried several things, including downloading and installing different drivers and playing with the settings. Yet nothing, I repeat NOTHING, would bloody work. As usual, when technology fails me (or I fail it), I may have used a fair bit of blue language and banged the desk a couple of times. We all have our faults, get over it.

Then, in a PDF attached to an email from Sam at 3mobilebuzz, I discovered the solution to my dongle problems. I know, we all get emails promising a better dongle experience, but finally I got one not destined for my SPAM folder.

The solution was a case of ensuring that the Mac’s own settings were correct. Also – beware – I have to connect via OSX’s on-board internet connection facility, not the modem’s own pre-installed software (although you’ll need to install that anyway, as the drivers are needed). Below are the screen shots and a few hints about how I got up and running. Please note, in most cases the modem will work out-of-the-box on a Mac (using the modem’s own software), but myself and few other users have had issues. So maybe, if you’re experiencing similar frustrations, these screen grabs may help.


One thought on “Problems with my dongle

  1. I’ve just tried one of those (tho just Vodaphone activated). It installed like a dream – very clever make it a USB memory drive with an autorun (Windows). It got a 5 of 6 bar signal and then refused to let me on the internet. I gave it back.Aside: can you drop me a mail?

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