Adobe Buzzword. Almost my perfect solution

Just a quicky

Via MacBreak Weekly, I have discovered Adobe’s Buzzword wordprocessor, and I must admit I’m rather taken. Like Photoshop Express, another Adobe product, it’s very stylish, yet surprisingly powerful. The spell-checker is quite good and the options cover most basic wordprocessor requirements.

As I am traveling to Tallinn in a few weeks, and I certainly don’t want to be carrying my MBP everywhere with me, it will be excellent to be able to sign-in to my documents from an external computer.

I have been considering an online wordprocessor for a while, but I have never found one that I really like – and is comparable to a desktop-based offering. I have been using the quite excellent Journler for about 6 months, prior to which I used Apple’s Pages or Word. As Adobe plan to build a version of buzzword in AIR (Adobe’s cross-platform runtime environment app that allows other software to run on top of it), which will probably sync with the online application, Buzzword may end up being my text editor of choice.


You’ll never guess what. I can’t get this bloody text out of buzzword, using FF3 or Safari 3. In both cases the browsers are “unsupported”, and the command/ctrl + C doesn’t work! I had been trialling Buzzword for print tasks, and letter writing, and now I find it’ useless for editing articles I plan to use elsewhere. It *must* work on supported browsers, but still… Also, the edit menu commands don’t work. Also, I don’t have a legacy browser (Safari 2, FF2) on here, which is a bitch. I know what I’ll do.

This annoyance aside, I still like Buzzword. Let’s just get FF3 support pronto, eh?


UPDATE: DOH! You can export via MS Word (see comments).


3 thoughts on “Adobe Buzzword. Almost my perfect solution

  1. Also, in case you really need to get text out of Buzzword, while you are waiting for the next version… right now you can use the Document / Export command and save files in various useful formats to your hard disk.

  2. Rick,That’s great. Really excited about the forthcoming AIR app, too.David,Thanks for that. My screen-grab solution above was a little drastic. I need to get used to the interface – didn’t try export as file format. My bad.

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