The trials of being a prick

Read this and laughed out loud. Can’t say I’ve gone online with GTA IV yet, but I may just have a go at ruining the experience for a bunch of ignorant Americans*.

I was up ’til 5 in the morning annoying people on GTA IV.

There’s only so much I can take of hearing Americans in my ear calling each other “faggot” and “nigger”. So I decided to start ruining their game for them.

In case you don’t know, in the game mode Cops N’ Crooks, one team of police chases the other team of crooks before they get to a getaway vehicle.

I had a game mode of my own, though, called “Annoying Prick”. The aim of my game was to be the most annoying prick of the game, and I was brilliant. At the start of each round, I’d jump out of my team mates car and start shooting the back tyre so the car would burst into flames, rendering it useless. And I’d do the same with any other car they tried to get into.

There was one point when my team mates were in the getaway speedboat, waiting for me to get on. But at the last moment, I started shooting at it until it went on fire.

“What is your fucking problem!?”
“You fucking douche faggot!”
“Dude, what the fuck!? That’s fucking gay, you’re fucking gay!”

Highly, highly addictive. Try it.

Indeed I may.

*yeah, I know XBL isn’t exactly a scientific study of American anthropology, but have you played XBOX LIVE at all? Racism, anti-Semitism, bullying etc. It’s all there by the shovel-load, and overwhelming over-represented by young male yanks. What do they put in the water? Oh, and did I mention some of my best friends are American? ;o)


2 thoughts on “The trials of being a prick

  1. Will has been playing online for years and is well used to these American morons. They usually mention teeth by the way (as in we’ve all got bad teeth over here). But I’m pleased to tell you that the lads Will plays with are more than able to deal with all these imbeciles, usually by beating the crap out of them! 🙂

  2. Hi Mike,Ah, well… We’re not all crack gamers like Will. Some of us get our asses handed to us by these guys. Then again, I’ll take anyone on Call of Duty 4. I’m the guy shooting you in the back with the silenced P90. 😀

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