Mac Application: Fluid


Via Mike Power
(blog). I have discovered a fancy little WebKit-based app called Fluid. It calls itself a “Free Site Specific Browser [SSB] for Mac OS Leopard”. Fluid was developed by Todd Ditchendorf.

Fluid allows you to create virtual standalone applications for your favourite web apps. If you use Gmail as your default mail client, or maybe you rely on Adobe Buzzword as your word processor of choice, you could use Fluid to create a specific “app” window outside of your browser. This means that you don’t have half a dozen tabs open all day long – or you can keep that crashy mess facebook away from Firefox.

Fluid states that “Your web browser is for web browsing”, something that’s increasing lost in these days of Flash and Ajax.

It’s pretty smart too. If you “Open Link in a New Tab”, it will pop you back to your default browser and the page will open as requested, rather than do something screwy within Fluid. Indeed any links that are external to the url first used to create your Fluid window will open via your browser, yet internal links work in the Fluid window. It’s really cool.

I have created 3 “apps”, facebook, Google Reader, and Buzzword. I prefer Apple’s Mail client to web-based email because I like off-line access, and this is the one drawback of Fluid, it really is only a web window, none of the web apps suddenly become usable off-line (well, obviously). Still it’s handy, very stable, and has already tidied up and improved my Firefox experience.

RatGeek recommends.


3 thoughts on “Mac Application: Fluid

  1. I’m having a problem with buzzword and fluid. when i type inside the fluid app with buzzword i get the mac os x error noise with every key hit. what do you think is causing this?

  2. Well, I haven’t tried Buzzword in WebKit (the browser Fluid is based on).But Buzzword isn’t without its bugs at the moment, and as not fully compatible with certain browser builds. There is an update to Fluid soon (prob next weekend), but I fear it’s at Adobe’s end.

  3. Out of interest. Has this always happened, ever since you created the fluid app, or is it just recently? Could it be your keyboard? Mac KBs run off the USB port (even internal ones on laptops) and often become buggy (all three of my mac laptops act a little strangely sometimes, usually sorted by putting to sleep (and re-waking) or restarting the machine.I’ve just done some testing. Buzzword works fine in Webkit and in my version of fluid. Have you updated your version of Fluid to the latest build? (Open “fluid”, and update)

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