The Master of The Fishstick

It’s rare to see a master at the top his game, yet it is always memorable.

Take Bobby Fischer’s defeat of Boris Spassky in Reykjavik, “Pistol Pete” Sampras’ command of the grass-courts of Wimbledon, Torvill and Dean’s ‘perfect’ performance at the ’84 Winter Olympics, or the graceful perfection of Cold War gymnasts Nadia Comaneci and Olga Korbut. Mastery of one’s art is truly unforgettable.

It has therefore not passed without comment that Fishstick Grand Master Adam Lisagor, recently graced a public place with a simply majestic performance of The Fishstick.*

Below is footage of the event, a sight never-before captured on film ::

Rumours are now abound that fellow Grand Masters, Merlin Mann and Scott Simpson, may be tempted to perform.

UPDATE: Scott Simpson, the famous recluse, has indeed responded to Lisagor’s performance – rocking the Fishstick world to its foundations ::

The Fishstick @ My House from Scott Simpson on Vimeo.

*DISCLAIMER: Readers should be aware that these videos contain Fishstick moves of an advanced nature, and should not be attempted without extensive training.


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