On the Revision3 Attack

Jim Louderback has written a very interesting post about the Denial of Service (DoS) attack on Revision3 over the Bank Holiday. It’s apparent that the attack was courtesy of MediaDefender, a service that offers to be the attack-hound for large media companies such as Sony, Paramount, Universal ect.

It’s unclear whether the attack was deliberate, but the tactics are very clear. If they suspect that you fuck with their client’s content, they will shut you the fuck down.

Now I’m all for property rights and ensuring content providers are paid for their endeavours, but it’s clear that these clowns have little control of their very real power (“an array of 2,000 servers and a 9GBps dedicated connection”).

It’s also clear that these guys have little respect for the law. They claim to be upholding the law, but it must be remembered that, as Louderback explains: “Denial of service attacks are illegal in the US under 12 different statutes, including the Economic Espionage Act and the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.”

A quick look at the company’s Wikipedia entry, and we find that the MediaDefender was also discovered to have attempted to entrap BitTorrent users in 2007. How were they discovered? They had registered the domain with a traceable identity.

So, it’s increasingly apparent that our friends in California – with the 2,000 unit server farm and 9GBps dedicated connection – are moronic twats. It’s rather like handing a rocket launcher to an angry school kid.

More at Ars Technica re. previous dirty deeds credited to MediaDefender.


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