Things I miss.

Okay. So I’ve only been in Tallinn a week, but there are already gadgets that I’m missing. I travelled light(ish), so I’m now compiling a list of things for Olga to bring in August ::

Grado Headphones – because the speakers on the MBP (and my wee Sennheisers) just don’t cut it for music

Nintendo Wii – because I need some gaming (and I still need to complete Super Mario Galaxy), thinking Wii fit looks good too

Pentax Optio X – I need a little point-and-shoot (why did I forget this?)

More to follow…

Things I can’t bring (Boo-Hoo) ::

Sony 40″ Bravia HDTV (1080p) – too bloody big

XBOX 360 – If I haven’t got my TV, what’s the point?

iMac 24″ – Too big and it’s Olga’s machine (but baby is it gorgeous…)

My Hi-Fi – Too big


2 thoughts on “Things I miss.

  1. LOL.I’m actually thinking that one of the printers would be handy.We got a new Epson with the iMac. Not as good as my big Cannon photo-printer, but it is a bit smaller. I mean, I don’t want to give her a hernia. o:-)

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