Another awesome TWIP

Just listened to the latest TWIP podcast. As always, utterly indispensable (thanks the sponsors who make the show happen :: Audible and Drobo).

Not sure if readers are also downloaders of the This Week in Photography (or readers of the accompanying – and equally great – blog) podcast (Jams, huh?), but IMHO it’s far-and-away the best photography show, and possibly the best tech show out there (sorry Leo, I still love TWiT and MacBreak* lots).

This week’s episode discussed the hairy subject of selling images, with many warnings and caveats to be considered before even thinking about “turning Pro”.

In the next few weeks I’ll be writing a “best-of” review of the podcasts I follow (inc video ones), so keep your eye’s pealed.

BTW. Have you seen the “leaked D700” images? Wow. I hope they’re real. I’d hate for the rumoured D90 to make my D80 obsolete so soon…

*Where the hell is Merlin, huh?


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