Gadget crazy

One of the observations I have made while living here in Tallinn is the sheer ubiquity of electronics stores.

Every supermarket has at least one tech store adjacent to it. And usually you’re only a stones-throw from an even bigger multiple that sells HDTVs, white goods, and media. We’re about 15mins walk from the airport. On that 15min walk you pass 3 electronics outlets, two of which are large, and a huge shopping complex with at least half-a-dozen specialist tech retailers – not to mention cell-phone stores, which often sell computers and equipment (even Macs, occasionally).

There is also a fantastic photography outlet, which sells all the DSLR manufacturers (inc. Pro bodies and glass), Manfrotto, Kata, Tamarac, Sigma, Velbon and all the bits you could ever need. It’s heaven.

These Estonians sure love their gadgets. :o)


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