XBOX Price cuts coming

It’s no secret that Microsoft is looking to stimulate sales of its XBOX with a price cut (the expected GTA4 bump didn’t materialise), but now, via. Engadget, we have confirmation that Microsoft Australia has gone official and published the new price structure.

I think whatever happens now, the XBOX 360 is a success. Okay, the quality of the components in the hardware have been appalling, but the games have been of a very good quality, the pad is excellent, and the online gaming has revolutionised the console experience. Sales have indeed slowed, but the console is still selling, and if only Microsoft hadn’t rushed the bloody thing out, I’m sure they’d be making a decent profit.

Hopefully, the new pricing structure will mean a pick-up in sales. I’d also like to see another SKU with built-in Wi-Fi, 250GB HDD, (maybe) Blu-Ray, a new component rack form-factor, and all the technical problems resolved. Then I’d think about upgrading.


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