I have decided that, with time increasingly precious, I’m going to take the pressure off writing across two blogs regularly.

I have decided that Rational Geekery is going to become more like a personal blog, and tygerland is going to be a politics/culture only affair. RatGeek is still going to be the home of any tech related stuff I want to post, but there are thousands of Tech-blogs out there, so it’s pointless taking this one too seriously and getting stressed out because the readership levels aren’t what they could be. tygerland still has very healthy page-views, so it’s not like I’m dying in obscurity.

So I’ll be commenting less on Valley-based insider bullshit, and more on the application of tech. Gadgets I like and software I use etc. I’ll kick off with a tiny app called Caffeine (from Lighthead software) that does the simple job of switching off the sleep/screensaver function on your Mac. Handy when streaming video via your browser – save having to keep taping the spacebar. Glorious stuff.


2 thoughts on “Caffeine

  1. True, there are many tech blogs, but why I like this one is because it has a personal touch. You feel like it’s a real human being writing, not some robot who uses the English language only as a means of spewing out techy-sounding terms, without caring about the quality of the writing. Many so-called top tech blogs are written that way. I like ratgeek because, not only does it deal very well with its subject matter, it is also beautifully written.So, yes, putting more personal stuff on it will only add to its appeal, in my view.All the best,Bel.

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