And now it’s friendfeed. Yawn.

Well I complained about Valley-types getting far, far too wet about twitter, and now it seems many have jumped ship and are now getting similarly flustered about friendfeed. Loren Feldman is another who seems to live and breath via. micro-blogging.

The way I see it is this. As a self-promotional tool and as a basic network, these feeds have genuine appeal. But let’s not confuse ourselves into thinking that they’re going to be vitally important in the enterprise arena – as Steve Gillmor claimed day-after-day on his Gillmor Gang podcast, they’re simply not suited to corporate business and impractical for corporate promotion beyond the celebrity feeds (who’d follow a business’ feed, seriously?).

Agreed, they may work as a vessel for delivering customer care notices, but this would be dependent on people subscribing to their feed (in fairness I would subscribe to my ISPs service feed, but little else). Let’s be honest for a minute, all these networks have one unifying characteristic… they’re time sinks. They are primarily used as a way to avoid work. I have seriously reduced the amount of time I have twitter open on my desktop, and I have seen my productivity increase and have found the blessed silence from its white noise heavenly.

So I have no reason for getting serious with friendfeed, unless I find myself with time to waste and little else to do.

You know, the more time I spend listening to valley-insiders, the more I realise how detached they are from the daily mechanics of the world the rest of us exist in. And what really pisses me off, is how many claim to be geeks, when it’s abundantly clear they’re merely chancers who stumbled across the world of technology looking for an easy way to make a few dollars. [/rant over]


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