Heads up

Getting very little time to blog at the moment. With nursery on holiday and my babysitter’s daughter ill, I have the kids around full-time. Also, I had a busy few days with teaching (esp. yesterday, where I didn’t finish until 8pm). It’s downhill from here though, as I only have one lesson today and one tomorrow. Then on Friday, it’s to airport and back to England for a week – sans kids.

Mind you, lots to do, wedding arrangements and two reviews to write (one a game, one for a HDSPA dongle) mean I’ll not be lazing around. I also want to have a look at Unreal 3 on the XBOX, I haven’t had chance to play U3 yet on any system so I’ll be wanting a session on Friday when I visit my bro-in-law.

Back in Tallinn next Thursday.


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