Fanboy bitching

Quick question: why do people (fanboys) fight over what’s best?

I first came across this sort of shit at school. I would have been about thirteen or so, and even then I was above it. I had a friend, Adam, who used to bitch about how his Sega Megadrive was, oh sooooo much better than my Commodore Amiga. I was, like, “Okay. Maybe.”

He bitched about the Megadrive’s superior sound and graphics. I was, like, “Okay. Maybe.” I couldn’t see the point of arguing. He was happy with his Megadrive and I was happy with my Amiga. The next Christmas we both got a Super Nintendo. Go figure.

Through life I’ve come across similar battles, usually involving technology choices, but not always ::

Amiga vs Atari ST (I had an Amiga)
Megadrive vs SNES (SNES)
Mario vs Sonic (Mario)
Rave music vs Indie (Indie)
Shoot magazine vs Match (Match)
Playstation vs N64 vs Saturn (N64)
PC vs Mac (obviously I’ve had PCs, but I use Macs now)
PS2 vs XBOX vs GameCube (had ’em all)
Canon vs Nikon (Nikon)
PS3 vs XBOX 360 (360)
iPhone vs BlackBerry (BlackBerry, for now at least)

Seriously, what’s the fucking point?

If you use a PC and you’re happy with it – go nuts! If you shoot a Canon and you’re happy – good for you!

I really don’t care.

Yeah, I’ll read the reviews before I buy another phone. And yeah, I’ll look at the games available, the hardware and the machine, before I buy another console. And my next computer – for compatibility reasons – will be probably be a Windows netbook.

Let’s be straight… I genuinely don’t give a flying fuck about your prejudices or fanboy loyalties. They don’t mean shit to me, and they shouldn’t mean anything to anyone else.

If you buy goods for any other reason than functionality you’re a twatting moron. Full stop.


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