Teh boy iz sic

My son is sick. He’s three years old with a blocked nose and a temperature. He spent all morning in my bed watching superhero DVDs and sulking. He’s downstairs now drinking warm juice, playing Nintendo, and sulking.

I’m trying to quarantine him, but as the littlest is now equipped with her own superpower: the ability to open doors, this isn’t going well.

My wife, in Paris for a long weekend with her sister, has informed me I’m to stuff him chock-full of garlic and keep him warm. Will do, boss-woman. I did manage to sneak a few cloves into his eggs this morning.

I did have plans to have a drink tonight and watch DVDs of The West Wing, but if the boy looks like he’s not going to sleep I’ll have to delay my Bartlett fix. :o(

Ah, the toils of parenting…


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