Spotify = glorious

Via. bigdaddymerk I have been introduced to Spotify, an industry-backed initiative to sake people’s demand for music.

It’s basically like iTunes. You download the spiffy software (Win/Mac/Linux via Wine) and you have access to a MASSIVE library of music to listen to – via. the net (you have to be connected to the internet, tracks are not downloaded, but streamed).

The music is paid for by either subscription or by advertisement (the software has a sidebar banner, and there are occasional audio ads between tracks).

In a word, it’s glorious. I’ve found everything I’ve looked for. I have discovered tracks that I have never heard. Spectacular.

I may even subscribe and support the service. I do hope the music industry continues to support this service, and are rewarded for taking these steps.

And believe me, it’s not often I praise the music industry…


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