*My* favourite games ever…

This is a very personal choice… so here they are (in no particular order) ::

Halo 3 [systems I played it on] XBOX 360 (although, Halo: Combat Evolved had the biggest impact, Halo 3 is the format perfected *with* 360 shine and XBOX LIVE glory)

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time N64

Half-Life PC/PS2

Half-Life 2 + Episodes PC/XBOX 360

Super Mario World SNES (as good as Galaxy is, this is the daddy)

Beach Head Acorn Electron (possibly the first game I ever completed)

Championship Manager Amiga/PC (when it was Sports Interactive’s franchise, now Football Manager. Championship Manager Italia, being my favourite incarnation – I’m a sucker for Serie A)

Street Fighter II Arcade/SNES

Double Dragon Arcade (my first arcade love)

Wings Amiga (arguably the best intro ever)

Far Cry PC (for the graphics *swoons*)

Call of Duty PC

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare XBOX 360 (the online game I’m best at – seriously, I’m actually really good at this)

Quake II N64

GoldenEye 007 N64

Super Mario Kart SNES

(this list is not exhaustive, and may be modified/added to)


3 thoughts on “*My* favourite games ever…

  1. I agree with so many of them (especially Super Mario World!) but Half Life 2 I can’t. It bored me man…very underwhelmed by it. The first Halo was such a great game, Halo 3 looks and plays well but it just doesn’t have the same level of immersion…might be Halo fatigue, played 2 as well..!

  2. I finished all the Halo games. Combat Evolved was the most impressive (at the time), but 3 rocks online (in fairness, I never played Halo 2 on LIVE). Halo 3 has some of the most hilarious games. Vehicles going crazy, comedy deaths. It’s brilliant. Comedy gold, dude.You’re so wrong about Half-Life 2 you should be shamed of yourself. You need to go outside and have a chat with yourself. Give yourself a few slaps. Jesus. I thought you were one of the cool kids.Lose 6 geek-points.;o)

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