Netbook software

I’ve just ordered a Samsung NC10 netbook. I did some research — I was very tempted by the excellent new Asus EeePC 1000HE — and plumped for the Samsung for a variety of reasons. It’s light, has an excellent keyboard, looks cool, and has a non-glossy screen.

Anyway, enough of that; I started making a quick list of Windows software (free, please) that I will install when it’s delivered. So I thought, rather than pen my list on Evernote, I’d post it on here and crowd-source some ideas. You have to understand, I’ve used Macs for years and only use Windows for the odd gadget that’s incompatible with OSX (our pedometers for instances).

The machine is going to be used for travelling and sticking in my camera bag, mainly. But it’ll also, no doubt, be used around the house. Maybe the G4 Powerbook will be retired, I don’t know (Olga still loves her G4, and rarely uses the iMac powerhouse we bought her last year).

One idea I have toyed with is dual-booting. I’ve always run Ubuntu on a separate HDD, rather than have a partition, but I might split the 160GB HDD between XP and Linux. Maybe give myself 60GB for an Ubuntu install (the netbook is for us both when travelling, and Olga wont want Linux – also, we can put away the 15″ HP we keep around for Windows).

BTW, I’ve never tried installing OSX on a partition, and the only copies of OSX I have came with the machines, and I’m not sure if they’ll work. Anyway, I like to play around with Linux. :o)

So, back to the list. I know mine is pretty rubbish, but I’m no Windows expert and I’m happy to be put right…

  • Google Chrome as my primary browser (no doubt I’ll also install Firefox, too)
  • Miro and VLC as media-players
  • Thunderbird as my mail client (I’ve always found TB to be a bit much for my basic email needs, a lighter, Apple Mail-esque, client would be better)
  • Pidgin for chat
  • OpenOffice (Is AbiWord any good? I only need a word-processor)
  • AVG Free edition virus protection
  • GIMP and Picasa for images
  • Evernote for syncing my notes
  • iTunes for audio (we have 3 iPods)

    What I really want to know…

    Is there a low-resource picture editor? Just for basic, pre-web edits. Is GIMP the best? Also, is Picasa the best all-round image management tool?

    Would tweetdeck be the best twitter app?

    What’s a good blog editor on Windows? I use MarsEdit on the Mac, which is awesome.

    What other cool, day-to-day, apps have I missed?

    Can’t wait for it to be delivered. Haven’t had a new gadget in ages.

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    2 thoughts on “Netbook software

    1. On the Ubuntu front, I would seriously consider using eeeBuntu (Ubuntu Netbook Remix but configured to work with the eee) rather than the custom Xandros distro that the eee comes with as default; it’s fine, but it is aimed at basic users.I think there’s a Windows version of KMail – that might be sufficiently lightweight. Drivel is a decent enough journal/blog editor.xD.

    2. CCleaner is pretty good for a wholesale way of getting rid of temp files, net history etc. SpyBot is also useful for junking all that sneaky adware which hides all over the place on your system.

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