Remote PS3 play

PlayStaion hacker Modder Dashhacker has (with help) created software that allows the PS3’s remote play feature (a way to play your PS3 through your PSP – via. Wi-Fi, say on the bog) to be accessed via a suitable PC or Mac.

This is potentially awesome.

I’d love the possibility of playing my games console on my Mac. I have two small kids. The TV is invariably tied up with Pingu or whatever, so I rarely — during the day at least — get chance to frag homophobic American teenagers.

I don’t expect the current generation of consoles to make any use of this. After all it’s just a hack and I don’t have a PS3 anyway. But maybe the next gen of hardware can have this facility built-in — available to play over a fast internet connection even.

Imagine it. Sat in your hotel room or in the garden, rocking XBOX LIVE from your laptop (Bluetooth controllers would naturally work with your laptop via. supplied drivers) Now that’s fucking progress.

Via Engadget.


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