Why I’ll get another Mac

I’ve given this a lot of thought over the past few weeks as I’m in the process of buying a new MacBook Pro. I’m torn between the 13” and 15” models – the former for portability, and the latter for power as I’d be getting the top-spec model in both cases.

It’s an insurance job as my wife ruined my previous MBP in a coffee-related incident.

Nowadays, £1,500 is a lot of money to spend on a laptop. I had thought about buying a WinPC, but to be honest, when I started looking at similar chip-sets (CPU, Graphics, L2 cache etc.), other hardware considerations, and general build quality, I couldn’t see much difference in price. I mean, FFS, just look at the flag-ship Sonys and Dell Adamo machines.

Also, OSX feels so much more considered than the hotchpotch that is Windows. Apps are like plugins with work seamlessly within the environment.

I’m not a hacker, I use my machine as a utility device. Using it should not be an expression of my own technical prowess. If I did get a non-Apple machine it would probably become a Linux one, but again, the Mac environment is better. Simple as.

Today at work, my colleague proffered the bat-shit crazy idea that I just don’t replace the MBP. After all, I have a powerhouse iMac and a Samsung NC10 netbook anyway. Seriously, he just doesn’t understand. I’m a geek.

So I’ll get another MacBook Pro. With the student discount (I’m doing a course at work), I can get the 2.8GHz model (dropping the HDD to 320GB) for a gnat’s knacker over £1.5k, or I can pocket some cash and get the 13”.

But the main reason I’ll be sticking with Apple is that I adore the developer community. Tweetie is by far the best Twitter app, and I can’t live without MarsEdit – a truly brilliant blog editor – and all my other writing is done in Scrivener. There are so many apps on the Mac that aren’t done as well in Windows.

So I’ll be sticking with a Mac, thank you.


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