GAY Mafia Wars

Have you seen that “addictive” new game on facebook, Mafia Wars? Surely you’ve seen someone on your friends list playing it? Maybe they also run a virtual fucking zoo or a farm.


I take the position that, were we to begin a Naziesque regime of eugenics, these would be the first people to be sterilised. We mustn’t allow their kind to breed. ;o)

Anyway, I have launched my latest project, GAY Mafia Wars.

The object of the game is to get ahead in the media industry by goosing, blowing and bumming your way to the top.

It is, I think you’ll agree, a fabulous idea.

mafia-wars-1.jpg 490?75 pixels<br
Facebook | Aaron Murin-Heath

Facebook | Aaron Murin-Heath

I know, I probably should get out more. I’m just glad my gay friends have a sense of humour. I wish I could say the same about many of my straight ones.

Laters, dweebs.


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