The Great Trouser Debate of ’09


Ok, I *hate* these trousers.

I think they’d be ideal for falling 35,000ft, but for everyday wear… Yuk.

Anyway, my wife agreed to put them to the vote.

She *loves* them, but then she also *loves* Falco – whose music is so bad, if we sent him into space, space would send him back.

Apparently, they’re all the rage on the continent. I suspect, she means incontinent, as they could easily accommodate an adult nappy.

They look like two pairs of trousers. A huge pair, and a tiny pair… melded together to create a fashion abomination so awful, every time she wears them an angel loses its wings.

Anyway what do you, the great unwashed, think?

Do you agree with my wife, that these trousers are the height of funky-monkey fashion? Or, like me, do think it’s time she gave MC Hammer his trousers back?

Answers on a postcard, or below, whichever suits…



2 thoughts on “The Great Trouser Debate of ’09

  1. You are a cruel man, Aaron. I would never put a picture of my wife on teh internets waering those trousers. The humiliation would be just too much… for me that is.Ditch them, Tyger. Even if you lose the vote. She’ll thank you for it eventually.

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