So I hate DNS

For the past 48hours I have been trying to get my two main urls to point to this here new blog.

Everything at Squarespaces’s end is fine, and I know I should probably just wait, but it seems that these urls are committed to sticking with my old Bluehost setup. Damn you GoDaddy.

This experience reminds me that, with all the chatter about HTML5 and super-fast connections, the underlying technology of the internet is a bit ropey. Or at least it is to a non-engineer like me.

Re: Bluehost. Yeah they were fine. Very little downtime and pretty cheap. I’ve hosted a lot of combustable stuff on my politics blog,, and I never heard a peep no matter how much people threatened me – I know a lot of friends have had issues with UK providers simply deleting their blogs.

One gripe? The control panel is very Web 1.0. It’s awful. Sending a sophisticated browser like Safari or Chrome to Bluehost’s c panel is terribly depressing. I know a lot of Linux powered setups use the same front end but, ewww, it’s just not for me. Squarespace’s beautiful CMS is much more in tune with what expect from a modern web host. All that said, I have no problem recommending Bluehost if you’re looking for no-nonsense robust web-hosting.

Another thing that’s hacked me off this weekend is that my Linksys router has died. I’ve been forced to revert to the freebie piece of shit provided by my ISP. It’s not as bad as I remember it, but then the Wi-Fi antenna on my new unibody MacBook Pro is so much better than my old 15″ MBP.

It’s been a very frustrating couple of days. I even had to replace and wire a phone socket as that got wrecked.

Very little has gone smoothly. I’m hoping my DNS issues are resolved over the next few hours and I can put my DNS hate behind me.


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