Nexus One coming to Vodafone in April?

My wife is in the market for a new cell. She has a couple of contracts — both on Vodafone, and the larger of the two plans is up for renewal. Like me she has a BlackBerry, and is looking for a more media-friendly phone as a second handset.

Obviously the iPhone is at the top of the list. She can replace her 1G iPod Nano and play Bejeweled without sneaking off with my iPod Touch. But now the Nexus One is slated for an April launch on Vodafone all bets are off.

Google’s phone is pretty and incredibly functional. If it wasn’t a few concerns over the touch interface, I’d encourage her to get that.

I think an iPhone is still favourite. Personally, I’m going wait until the 4th Gen iPhone revision before I decide on my next phone.


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