Software & Services

Rational Geekery is created using the following software and services.

Squarespace – Cutting-edge CMS technology from Anthony Casalena’s NYC start-up. For years I hosted by own WordPress blogs, but now all my content is managed by Squarespace and I couldn’t be happier.

CSSEdit – Used less and less in these Squarespace days, but MacRabbit’s software remains my favourite CSS editor. MacRabbit also make the awesome Espresso.

MarsEdit – Posts are drafted and posted using Red Sweater Software’s brilliant MarsEdit.

Scrivener – The ultimate writer’s software. Rarely used for blogging, but everything else is written using Scrivener. Ridiculously good.

Chrome – 80% of my browsing is done using Google Chrome. I use the gleebox and delicious extensions.

Webkit – The remaining 20% of my browsing is on Webkit, which I use for reading comics and watching web video. Bookmark syncing by Xmarks.

Skitch – There is no excuse for owning a Mac and not having Skitch. I use Skitch for handling non-flickr images on the site.

Pixlemator – The best native Mac image editor. Used for more complex editing. Skinnier than Photoshop CS4.

Photoshop CS4 – For those times when only PS will do. Also, it’s too easy to use the Ctrl-E function in Lightroom 2.

Fluid + Helvetireader + Google Reader – The Ultimate RSS solution.

Gmail – Site email is handled by Gmail.

Tweetie – My favoured twitter client.

Delicious – Handles any interesting links I might fancy blogging.

Notational Velocity + Simplenote – For syncing posts/notes between devices when I know email is going to F things up.

Evernote – As above, but with more power 🙂

Shovebox – A sweet tiny little system tray app where I keep little text snippets that I might need later.

Caffeine – A microscopic, but completely essential little programme from Lighthead software, which overrides my MacBook’s power management system.


Jolicloud – My 10″ netbook runs this fancy little OS built on Ubuntu Linux.

Writer – This online text-editor by bighugelabs is by online portal for writing. Any offline work is done on the netbook is done in the Linux Text Editor.

Chromed Bird – I use this little extension on Chrome as my netbook twitter client.


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