Just read this piece by Margaret Robertson in the March issue of Wired UK. It’s about the parlour game, Werewolf (AKA Mafia), that is sweeping the tech world. It has been around since the late eighties, so you may have played it.

Basically, it’s one of those games where some of the players are creepy bloodsucking fuckers, and the majority are just pleb villagers. The villagers decide who they’re going to lynch, and if the werewolves survive, they write on a piece of paper who they’re going to maul that evening. The game ends when the lying assknuckle werewolves have been weeded out and hung from a tree, or when an equal number of villagers/werewolves exist (i.e. a meal each). A NPC moderator is selected to keep track.

It makes for an interesting read. A mix of psychology, subterfuge and general douchebaggery. Right up my street. I hope to get a game going next time I’m with some friends and we have plenty of booze. Maybe we’ll substitute the Werewolf for a lawyer? 🙂

Needless to say it reminded me of a comic. Check this out from Penny Arcade.


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