No comment(s)

Since moving over to Squarespace I have given my blog a lot of thought. I had pretty much retired from blogging before the move, but the new design and swish CMS have given me a renewed interest in the format. Twitter is okay, but I’m a writer and I miss the long-form communication of a weblog.

Anyway, I have made a few changes. I’ve got rid of the “EEEEEE”-coloured box canvas and gone milk all over. I like it – simpler.

Also, more drastically, I’ve switched off comments (the last of the open threads will close over the next couple of weeks).

I know some people argue that a blog is not a blog unless it has comments. Well, okay then, this isn’t a blog. You think I give a shit?

Of course that’s a crock. Many bloggers don’t offer comments. And why should they?

I like a bit of praise as much as the next man. And I enjoy a good scrap now and again too. But comments tend to add little value to the content and are a bit of a clusterfuck when it comes to management. I used to have various plugins on WordPress that reduced SPAM, but they still got through. I just don’t need the hassle.

You can of course contact me in a multitude of ways. You can send me a message on AIM, drop me a line at twitter, fire off an email, or Skype me. If you’re a dick I’ll probably just ignore you, but if you wanna play nice and have something constructive to say, I’ll reply. Can’t say fairer that that, can I?

So, comments (for now at least) are gone. Laters.

PS. If, for some reason I want feedback, I’ll switch comments on for that particular post. Such is my want. 🙂