I crush your head

Do you remember The Kids in the hall? It was a Canadian comedy group that aired on CBS and HBO in Canada and the US respectively. I used to catch it occasionally here in the UK, but never as often as I would have liked.

My favourite sketch was “squeeze your head”. Basically this loser sits on a chair, and from a distance, pretends to squeeze the heads of people with his thumb and index finger.

It’s puerile and braindead, but I fucking love it.

Check out this flickr group of like-minded morons.

A few of the skits can be dredged up at YouTube; like the one below, where the Head Crusher gets F’d up when he takes on some hoodlums. He finds himself in rehab and there is a sweet Rocky style montage 🙂

Funny, huh?

And you know you’ve entered the pop-culture big league when you’re ripped off in an ad. And this people is HI-larious. Enjoy.