Chrome on the Mac

I want to love Chrome on the Mac. Really, I do. It’s fast and it’s clean, and it has top tabs (please bring them back, Steve). For ages Chrome / Chromium was my default OSX browser.

But recently it’s become crushingly buggy.

The only extensions I use are gleeBox (a major reason I like Chrome, also available for Firefox) and delicious. I use Chrome exclusively on Windows (except where I have to use IE for logging into my work’s VPN) and Linux, and find it far more robust and still super quick. 

Twice this week I have tried to go back to Chrome as my default Mac browser, and twice I’ve returned to Webkit because Chrome just died in the middle of a session. I’m not used to this sort of experience in OSX. In fact, I keep all my machines squeaky clean and up-to-date so I rarely experience any problems in any OS.

Ironically, the BETA of Chrome I use in Linux is far more stable than its OSX counterpart. 😮

I still launch Chrome for some uses — mainly Google ones and a few networks — but as much as I want it to be my default, it’s not quite there.