iPhone RSS Update: Reeder 2

Wow. After penning my post at the weekend on RSS readers, I have noticed a couple of other bloggers have written on the same subject.

At the beginning of the month Shawn Blanc wrote a similar piece, lamenting the lack of a perfect Google Reader client (he actually reviews a wider selection, and is vastly better informed). And this morning, a TechCrunch post by MG Siegler appeared in my reader giving a glowing recommendation of Reeder 2, the recently launched app from Silvo Rizzi, which is also my latest try at finding the perfect RSS app.

I’d first heard about Reeder 2 last night, when I received an @reply from the very cool Justin Hileman (twitter @bobthecow, do follow), recommending that I try Reeder 2.


Justin also pointed out that it’s the fastest app he’s tried when it comes to downloading too. I downloaded Reeder immediately and was blown away.

First, may I say, Reeder 2’s GUI is gorgeous. Better than Byline and NNW. The interface is off-white, with a sort of worn paper feel to it. It also bunches posts by source, and there is a floaty banner that remains fixed as you scroll through the posts – it looks great.

And Justin is right – it’s really fast.

But remember those caveats from my last post?

As with many solutions, I want something from two different applications. I want Byline’s off-line caching option and NetNewsWire’s seamless integration with the rest of my workflow.

Well, guess what? Reeder 2 has article caching and integration with twitter and Instapaper. In fact, as you can see from Reeder’s website, it has pretty much every service I could wish for.

My search is over, Reeder 2 is — for now at least — my perfect RSS app for the iPhone. The bar has been raised, and Byline V3 (which will have twitter/Instapaper support) will have to be mind-blowingly good to beat the new champ. Even Shawn agrees.

Cheers Sivo, you’re so many different kinds of awesome.