Thanks, but no thanks Gizmodo

There are three certainties following Gizmodo’s scoop of the iPhone 4.0:

1. Nick Denton, owner of Gawker Media (Gizmodo’s parent company), will be creaming his pants over the fuckton of hits the tech blog will be enjoying today

2. Engadget’s Nilay Patel would have written this post through gritted teeth

3. And finally, you wouldn’t want to be Steve Jobs’ dog this morning

This is a massive scoop. But you have to wonder what revenge Cupertino is going to take. Gizmodo would have earned MAJOR brownie points by quietly turning the hardware over to Apple.

Kudos, I guess, for risking Jobs’ wrath and splashing Apple’s secret device all over the internet. According to Gruber, Gizmodo swapped the iPhone for a brown paper bag full of cash a week ago.

I expect whoever “lost” the handset will be in for a serious shoeing. Although, as again reported on Daring Fireball, Apple considers the device stolen property, which of course puts Gizmodo on a sticky wicket.

So what do I think of the hardware?

It’s basically everything I wanted from the next iPhone. A new design forgoing the dated curves of the previous model, a better camera with a flash for low-light indoor pics, a better screen and (we think) more battery life.

We picked up a 3GS earlier in the year, but knowing a new model was due in the summer, I happily let the wife have it. I’m glad I did.

There are still some unknowns. The actual screen resolution is guesswork, as is the camera lens. And there are no performance benchmarks, because unsurprisingly, Apple has remotely bricked the handset.

To be honest, while I’m delighted that Apple plans to rev the form factor and develop the phone’s camera capabilities, I’m equally pissed that the excitement of a big iPhone announcement has been diminished several months early.

Half the fun of being an Apple user is the anticipation of every Jobs keynote, and knowing that something is ready only when Steve says it’s ready. Looking at the Gizmodo pictures is a bit like seeing a pie being made. I want to see the pie when it’s perfectly cooked, sprinkled with sugar and carrying the Jobs seal of approval.

So thanks, but no thanks Gizmodo.