Zhisou looks to a Tory victory

Jack, my occasional fellow podcaster, on the expected Tory victory next week::

So with support for the Lib Dems looking like it’s on the wane, and Labour not picking up much, the Tory support seems to be hardening.  This is dreadful.  On the worst polls, nearly 60% favour a progressive party – if you can call Labour progressive – yet with a paltry 36%-ish, it’s looking ever more likely that the inflatable slimy bandwagon-jumping salesman that is David Cameron, will be the next PM.  This is a disaster for so many things, but hopefully most of all for the Conservative Party.  Perhaps partly with optimism rather than analysis, I am signed up to the view that five years of Tory cuts will poison the public against their horrid cynical horribleness, and if we can’t manage to get such badly needed reform this time, then we can maybe get it next time.

It’s looking increasing likely that any chance of stopping Cameron is finished. Watching his swollen face this morning on Andrew Marr this morning was about as much as my stomach could take. It’s not often you see a BBC interviewer fawn over a political leader with such enthusiasm. Maybe the Beeb are worried about Tory promises to “reform” the broadcaster.