Yesterday. The wife booking an emergency hotel for us for two nights. We ended up with a €200 a night hotel for two people for two nights. We paid €115 total, by using a clearance site. My wife is so savvy when it comes buying online. It takes a while, but she always blows you away by finding a steal.

Today I’m resting up. I have a slight pull on my thigh. Also, as much as I love my MBT shoes, they’re not the best for city breaks where you’re walking miles. Olga is off into the city to wander around the shops (the ones that are open on a Sunday) without me whining about looking at shoes and handbags.

Hopefully we’ll be able to fly on Tuesday. If not it’s either more time in hotels or a slow coach to London. As many pointed out on twitter, there are worse places to be stuck.