Must read: What have been the tactical lessons of World Cup 2010?

During this World Cup I’ve been banging on and on about 4-2-3-1 being the most effective formation in the modern game. I’m also applying my theory to my Barcelona team on Pro Evolution soccer on the XBOX, with stunning results.

(Ok, it helps that I rock. But by adding Mario Balotelli and Michel Bastos to Barcelona’s weaker left-side, I’ve created a much more balanced and dangerous side.)

Legendary Guardian football poindexter, Jonathan Wilson, has written a brilliant tactical review of the tournament that emphasises the dominance of people playing with two covering defensive midfielders — the 4-2-3-1 and 4-2-1-3 formations. A must read.

Tonight Germany face Uruguay. Uruguay will have Luis Suárez back to partner Forlan up front, and Germany will see the return of many pundit’s player of the tournament, the 20 year-old Thomas Müller. Uruguay are cautious and rely heavily on their talented finishers to take their chances. I fancy Germany to win as they’re tactically more sophisticated and will be smarting after being taught a lesson by the Spanish. This might shape up to be a really, really good game.