facebook is just boring, so say the kidz

A study by consumer research group OTX has found that kids are getting bored with facebook. 

I used to like facebook. But it’s changed so much. It’s so, well, urgh!

I guess it’s still unrivalled as a means to organises events (although twitter is catching up), but it used to be my ultimate Rolodex. All my uni friends were there, I could keep track of their progress and drop in occasionally to say “hi” on their wall. I also had some time for the groups system, as that often led to interesting forums on niche subjects.  

These days facebook is a mess, ruined by a total absence of quality control within the application system. 

I remember when apps were launched. Someone threw a sheep at me, and it’s been downhill from there.

Other than established companies offering some level of integration (XBOX Live and last.fm for example), the apps have made facebook an incoherent mess that represents an awful user experience. Also, and maybe this is my fault, I just have too many friends (mainly from school) who I hardly know. I quite liked that facebook Lite (I called it “skinny”), but it looks like it’s been canned.

One question I always ask people is, “what is the first page you check out every day?” Nowadays, whenever people answer “facebook”, I instantly knock a point off their cool-o-meter.

I understand Google is looking to have another crack at social networking. I hope they do something impressive. Also, the Diaspora project continues to intrigue me. 

(hat-tip Donald Strachan / blog)