Chrome to Phone is brilliant

Earlier this week my good buddy Donald Strachan sent me a message telling me to check out Google’s Chrome to Phone feature. I did and it’s class.

As you’d expect, C2P* comes it two parts — a Chrome extension and an Android app.

You simply hit the new button on the Chrome browser, and whatever page is open in your browser window, will be pinged down the internets to your Android handset. C2P is simple and brilliant.

Want to carry on reading that post on the can? Just fire it to your phone.

My first test was to check out a local geocache location on, hit the link to open in Google maps, and then using C2P I sent it to the phone — the phone beeped and when I unlocked the screen, Google Maps had launched with the pin highlighting the position of the cache. Within 5 seconds I had directions from my current position. It worked brilliantly and was totally James Bond.

This is exactly the sort of innovation from Google that made me choose the HTC Desire over the iPhone 4. I can’t wait to see want else Google has planned for geo-location based services in the future.

Oh, and of course C2P is another reason to use the excellent Chrome browser… 🙂

*To save my fingers and your patience, I shall refer to Chrome to Phone as ‘C2P’