The new Safari extensions look great, but I’m still all about the Chrome

i ♥ google chrome

I was a longtime Safari user when I first got a Mac. But as I’ve always used more than one machine, the ability to share bookmarks via. Xmarks (then Foxmarks) in Firefox, meant that the switch was inevitable. When Xmarks launched their Safari sync, I switched back to Safari/Webkit and was a very happy surfer again.

That was until Google launched Chrome. I was an early Chrome user. I used it on Windows from day one, and was running very unstable builds of the Chromium BETAs on my Macs daily, well before the Google BETA was launched (I went back to Chromium again when Mac users had to wait for extensions).

As more and more of my time is spent in the browser — thanks mainly to Google’s online services, it has become hugely important to me. For me at least, the browser is more important than the OS. I’d rather use Google Chrome on a Windows machine, than Firefox on a Mac.

The one thing that’s pulling at me to go back to WebKit/Safari is the new extension framework. Safari has always had plugins, but these are complicated to produce. The thought of the independent Mac development community pimping Safari with simple extensions, is enough to give any Mac user a boner — see Macworld’s list of 25 “great” Safari extensions here.

I’ll no doubt tinker with these new extensions in my nightly WebKit build, but for now at least, I’m completely wedded to Chrome – on Windows, Linux and Mac. Especially since I got an Android phone. 🙂