The Phone to Chrome workaround

Last Sunday I posted about the brilliant Chrome to Phone. I love it, and the C2P extension is now installed on all my machines (I use Chrome on the Mac, Ubuntu and Windows). However it’s not long before you start wishing the sync was two ways – with the ability to push pages to the desktop from your phone.

The excellent Android browser allows installed apps to add extended services to the “share page” function, so you can easily save urls to your bookmarking service (I use delicious) as a way to move pages to your PC based browser. But then you have to go to your delicious page to retrieve the url, which In my opinion, is a step too far.

I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before Google harnesses the power of the Android Cloud to Device Messaging (C2DM) framework (2.2 “Froyo” only), and offers two-way sharing, however if like me you can’t wait, there is a snazzy app in the Android Market that allows for a handy workaround.

Again it’s an Android app and Chrome extension combo. Download the android2cloud app from the Market, and then install this extension. Enter your logins and allow both the extension and app access to your Google setup. Now the option to send a page to your browser (via. android2cloud) appears in your Android browser “share page” list. Simples.

When you share a url using android2cloud it will automatically open as a new window in your browser. It’s exactly what I wanted. It’s just a shame it’s not integrated into the official Google app – although I’m confident this will come soon.