Alfred app – one to watch

I’ve been using the Alfred BETA on my Macs for months now, and it’s almost completely replaced Finder as a tool for finding things on my machines.

Finder is one of the key features that sets OSX apart from Windows and other operating systems. Intelligent and blistering fast search is fundamental to the speed of OSX. Alfred takes Finder, supercharges the UI, and adds in Google search, system spelling, a calculator, and a huge selection of other online search resources — such as twitter, IMDb and Wikipedia.

Along with a few other natty features, Alfred also allows simple system commands such as emptying your Mac’s trash. All from the keyboard, never having to use your mouse/trackpad.

Hey RSI. Get Bent!

This week Alfred — which is a small Cambridge UK based startup — is about to launch Powerpack, which will sit atop Alfred. Powerpack enables supercharged options to its file search. For example you can export to email or copy a file straight from the Alfred window, all with simple intuitive taps of the keyboard.

There is also greater iTunes enhancements within Powerpack, which will make oddities like redundant. Great news for who like to keep their Macs as minimal as possible.

Already Alfred is starting to look like a genuine competitor to Quicksilver and LaunchBar. And with crack developer Andrew Pepperrell working tirelessly to improve Alfred, it will be pushing for a spot in that particular pantheon soon. Brilliant.

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