Sky Sports News prepares to slip away into the darkness

From The Guardian:

Sky Sports News currently attracts 0.6% of the total monthly viewing share, which is healthy for a niche non-terrestrial channel.

I don’t actually remember watching SSN when I had SKY TV (about 5 years ago). I occasionally switch on SSN on FreeView these days when I have 5 mins to kill – especially when the transfer window is open. So I can’t help but think that its share will more than halve following its retreat behind Murdoch’s paywall.

Still, Murdoch doesn’t seem to give a monkeys about eyeballs.

I don’t have a problem with a paywall per se, as I believe that creatives deserve to be remunerated, but it goes against the modern media reality. When the internet is flooded with free content, why would you pay for it on the big screen? I can understand people paying for Live HD games, but paying for ‘news’ is a nonsense – as it’s such a freely available commodity. SNN adds little value beyond its fabulous sexy female hosts. So, while I love a sexy presenter as much as the next guy, it’s pretty much pointless.