ResophNotes: Notational Velocity for Windows

Windows guys love to tease Mac users about the “lack of compatible software” available for the Mac. Okay, games are one thing, but any serious Mac user knows that this is a red herring.

It’s bullshit. The biggest frustration I have when using Windows (or Linux), is the total lack of breadth and quality in the available applications.

The Mac is blessed with great GTD apps (TaskPaper, Things, The Omni Group) — Windows, has… er… Outlook and Microsoft Project. The Mac enjoys better independent photographic software, better utility apps, and far better writing and blogging software.

I use a Windows machine most of the time. I have a 14.4″ Core i5 Dell Latitude notebook from work. One of the main apps that I miss from my Macs is Notational Velocity: super-simple plain-text writing software that syncs with Simplenote.

That was until I discovered ResophNotes. RN is basically Notational for Microsoft.

There isn’t really much to say. The shortkeys are there, the Simplenote syncing is faultless, and the interface is customisable to suit your screen size. It’s a lifesaver.

Download, now.