Persecuted? Whatevs.

I generally don’t do religion. My own thoughts/persuasions are private. However I really hate the media’s obsession with Christian victimhood.

From the Mail:

An electrician faces the sack for displaying a small palm cross on the dashboard of his company van.

Former soldier Colin Atkinson has been summoned to a disciplinary hearing by the giant housing association where he has been employed for 15 years because he refuses to remove the symbol.

Mr Atkinson, a regular worshipper at church, said: ‘The treatment of Christians in this country is becoming diabolical…but I will stand up for my faith.’

As my buddy Merk points out, this is not his own van. It’s the private property of the company he works for. This is not his call.

Anyway… nowhere in the bible does it say, ‘You must adorn your chariot with a cross made of lollypop sticks’.